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A Specialized Setup for Wineries

The best wineries in the world have massive acres for their vineyards, and very little space for anything else. They are always looking for innovative methods to stretch their land space to accommodate buildings, machinery, production lines and the tools and equipment required to get their grapes from vine to market. Most need a specialized setup for clean, green, alternative energy that meets their unique needs and allowances.

SmartOne can give it to them.

SmartOne utilizes a patented floating solar system, an affordable alternative to a ground-mount system, or an addition to a roof-top array. Most wineries have a natural water feature built into the landscape. Whether it is a lake, pond, or rain water run-off collection reservoir, our floating systems are scalable to the size of the body of water and adaptable to any electrical configuration.

Solar Power Photo From Riverside, CA Business - SmartOne

Solar Floating Arrays:

With a neutral to positive environmental impact, made from recycled plastics, Hydrelio systems float on your body of water, minimizing evaporation and waves, thereby reducing erosion of embankments, and slow algae growth with no impact on the quality of the water. Water on the panels and cables have a natural cooling affect facilitating higher power production. Hydrelio floats are highly resistant to UV rays, corrosion and can withstand winds up to 118 mph. Floating solar is perfect for maximizing your natural resources, while procuring electricity from renewable resources.

If you are ready to save space and still have solar, if you’re ready to work towards fulfilling California’s new SB 350 laws, or you’re just ready to do your part to save the planet, call SmartOne today for your no-obligation on-site evaluation at 800-801-0203.