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Solar Panels for Schools

SmartOne understands the need for schools to modernize, save money, and put more resources towards education to help students realize their dreams. This is why we have pioneered ways to bring solar energy to the education sector.

Bridging Energy Efficiency and Education

By offering schools the chance to improve their energy efficiency, we can help cut overall costs, become more socially and environmentally conscious, and raise the overall appeal of your school and your district. Committing to alternative solar energy will aid students' understanding of the issues of today and encourage initiative for personal improvement. SmartOne can show your students how solar energy is beneficial to our world, right now and for tomorrow.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

SmartOne works in cooperation with the California Conservation Corps (CCC), and other government subsidized entities, through their specialized training programs to educate and provide them with the knowledge and skills required to be successful.

After site selection and engineering approvals, on-site training can include school carports, canopies, parking structures, rooftop arrays, or ground mounts. When construction is complete and the panels are turned on, students will realize the impact they are making on their environment and their future through the magic of the sun and cooperation.

SmartOne works with schools throughout California and southern Nevada. We can manage your project regardless of size or scope and deliver the type of setup needed for your layout and energy requirements.

For more information about how SmartOne can help your school use solar to save, please call our office at (800) 801-0203. We’ll help you set up a free, on-site estimate!