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Energy Storage

Renewable energy resources, especially solar panels, have made huge strides in the last 30 years, growing exponentially to take over a significant share of the American electric generation landscape. Many industry experts see battery technology as the final piece of the puzzle for the transition to a carbon-free economy.

Why Batteries?

Today, the installation costs of rooftop solar are a fraction of what they were 20 years ago, making alternative energy sources increasingly accessible to the average American. The solar industry has experienced record growth year after year and is one of the fastest growing employment areas in the country. One of the limitations of rooftop solar energy production is that the sun isn't always shining. Solar customers produce excess energy during the day but have to draw from the grid in the evening or on cloudy days. Energy storage allows homes and businesses to "bank" their excess power to become truly self-sufficient.

energy storage

Why is Energy Storage Right for Your Home or Business?

Economical energy storage is the last step in the new way we think about energy generation, transmission, and use. An affordable system not only eliminates the need for expensive utility bills, but it can also provide reliable backup energy during power outages and help consumers safeguard against price fluctuations that can occur when fuels like natural gas go up in price.

At SmartOne, our work is built around the customer. Our energy storage options provide a safe, consistent, reliable, and affordable source of power that allows you to cut the cord with the old utility company as SmartOne has helped design the only package that allows the solar panels to charge the batteries when there is no power, creating a complete self-sufficient, safe, and clean renewable source as well as during a natural disaster.